Celesco Transducers

Celesco Transducer Products is a manufacturer of linear position sensors and rotary position sensors for commercial, industrial and testing applications. Celesco Transducer Products has a history of engineering and manufacturing cable-extension position transducers of the highest quality.

Celesco Transducer Products are used in applications ranging from medical equipment, factory machinery, robotic assembly lines to possible flood control projects.

Celesco Transducer Products are cost effective and easy to install.

Celesco Cable-Extension Position Transducers

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String Pots

Celesco String Pots
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Celesco Linear Conductive Plastic Potentiometers

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Celesco Inclinometers
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Celesco Velocity
Limiting Systems

Celesco Velocity Limiting Systems
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Celesco Redundant
Brush System

Celesco Redundant Brush System
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Celesco Rotational
Position Transducers

Celesco Rotational Position Transducers
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String Encoder

Celesco String Encoder
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